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Exclusive mastermind invitations. Forget paying thousands to overpriced fake gurus. Get marketing education that works.

  • PRIVATE mastermind group community for extra level of guidance

  • PUBLIC group with access to even more community members

  • Digital academy with hundreds of archived tutorial videos

  • Live training sessions accessible through multiple platforms

  • Exclusive webinars with top experts in the industry

  • Access to support team members for personalized help specific to you

  • BONUS #2


    Marketing tools are essential to any business, but they are expensive. Save thousands a month with FREE access to the BEST technology in the industry.

  • Website sales funnel builder (high quality drag-and-drop page creator!)

  • Complete online sales system (with shopping cart & secure checkout!)

  • Affiliate marketing system (create your own army of affiliates!)

  • Email autoresponder (generate leads and build a list of subscribers!)

  • PLUS: Optional membership sites, ecommerce stores, webinar systems, video marketing platform, blogging software, team management tools, and more!

  • AND FREE  UPDATES to all existing tools you already have access to...

  • BONUS #3


    Learn and earn at the same time. Not only do you get FREE education and tools, you also have the opportunity to partner with fellow marketers on real projects that make USD online.

  • Affiliate marketing project to make recurring, residual & passive income

  • Earn up to 40% commissions & an extra 10% in 2nd tier commissions

  • Get paid in USD weekly... WITHOUT selling anything, giving away flagship products for FREE!


    What is the catch of this FREE mentorship?

    Yes. The mentorship, software and project opportunities are all FREE. Unheard of, right? The catch, if you're wondering, is YOU. You must believe in it and yourself. Otherwise, no program in the world can help you. And if you are skeptical and come into this with a negative mindset or attitude, then you will quickly realize that this is not a good fit for you.

    What if I don't have any experience?

    As a free mentorship program designed for newbies, we start from the beginning. This means you don't need any experience, products, services, investment or technical skills of any kind. We provide you with all the education and tools you need. All for absolutely FREE.

    What if I don't get any results?

    With everything in life, whether or not you achieve any results is 100% dependent on you. While we do our part to provide you with all the FREE resources, along with active communities and live training, it is up to you to chase after your performance. Treat this as a hobby, get hobby results. Treat this like a business, get business results.

    Can I do this training at my own pace?

    There are literally hundreds of hours of existing training, along with over a dozen more hours of training happening every single week. Of course, you would be going over all this training at your own pace. You are also highly encouraged to follow along with the live sessions whenever possible.

    What happens after training ends?

    The education never ends. New content continues to be added every day, and the community is always active. You are expected to apply what you have learned from the training, as implementation is key to achieving your results. Make sure you remain active in the community so you can take full advantage of the FREE ongoing education.

    Do you have any support systems?

    The entire community is a support system. You get FREE access to business tools, community membership, support team, video tutorials, live training, online educational platforms, and ongoing communication with fellow members. In short, you will get everything you need to start and run any successful digital marketing business.

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    Simon Leung is a world-renowned Internet entrepreneur, award-winning professional speaker, International best-selling author, digital marketing trainer, corporate consultant, business mentor and life coach.

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